11.02.15 - POLAND
Last week I created sound design for Alex Czetwertynski's installation for the exhibition in honor of poet Zuzanna Ginczanka at the Museum of Literature in Warsaw. This week Douglas Filiak and I will present Nightmøves to design students at PNCA.

10.14.15 - DAY FOR NIGHT
In the midst of promo work with Work-Order for Houston’s Day for Night festival happening Dec.19th and 20th. Show lineup has just been announced with this short video and we’ve been spreading the word with Instagram shorts. I also scored music for Rainforest Action Network’s short film produced by Ecodeo.

06.06.15 - NIGHTMØVES
I'm currently making music for an ongoing Instagram sound and video collaboration (50+) with designer Douglas Filiak. Analog synthesizers paired with minimalist motion graphics. I'm also working with Houndstooth again on an audio branding package for a TV network in Canada. Matt Eller of newly formed design firm Afternoon Inc. and I just completed PDX: The Inflight Movie.

05.12.15 - SPRING
In a recent collaboration with Work-Order, I was invited to created a multi-speaker audio installation for The New York Times 2015 NewFronts event. The project was great fun and hard work. I’ll be posting audio and video soon. Additionally, Towle Neu’s Heart of Wilderness, premiered at the RiverRun International Film Festival in Winston-Salem, NC followed by screenings at the Mpls/St. Paul International Film Festival.

01.26.15 - WINTER
Minneapolis design and branding agency Little and I just wrapped up a series of short videos for US. Bank. I'm in the final stages of sound design for IFC and music for Showtime. Working on the score for UK director Moby Longinotto's documentary The Joneses about transgender trailer park matriarch Jheri Jones in Pearl, Mississippi. I also played a solo set on pedal steel guitar at Portland record store Beacon Sound.

11.18.14 - FALL
At Skywalker Sound with Joe Hubers mixing final sound for Of Minor Prophets. Working with Portland music house Aika to score commercial spots for Acura and Acer computers. ‘The Thank You Bar’, my collaboration with Emily Johnson and James Everest, was brought back to life for a week of performances in Grand Marais, MN - a beautiful little town on Lake Superior. I also wrote and recorded an arrangement of the Prelude from Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 for music house Beta Petrol.

6.23.14 - SUMMER
Continuing to work on the score for Joe Hubers' feature film Of Minor Prophets, which will be released in late 2014. I have also finished the score for Gabrielle Lansner's narrative dance film, The Birch Grove, which will play festivals later this year. It was written for piano and string quartet utilizing players from the Oregon Symphony. You can listen to an excerpt here.

12.13.13 - SUNDANCE
Mark Orton and I are co-scoring Sydney Freeland's feature film Drunktown's Finest. It will premiere at Sundance in January. This will be my first time attending the festival. I'm really looking forward to it. Additionally, I'm working on an audio rebranding package for the Smithsonian Network, I also wrapped up the latest installment of Like Knows Like profiling designer and art director Jessica Walsh.

11.05.13 - STRONGER
The Stronger, a film I scored for Gabrielle Lansner in 2011, has been in quite a few festivals around the world over the last few years. This month, it will screen in Berlin at the Interfilm Festival as well as the BadBilbao in Spain. You can listen to the entire score here.

09.16.13 - SUMMER
It's been a busy summer with a lot of work for a handful of music houses around the country. I'll post a few of those spots soon. Also teamed up with the excellent Hoffman Brothers to create music for their spot for headphone maker Yurbuds. And once again, I worked with Bran Doughterty-Johnson and Common Sense Media to create a music video teaching kids about on-line etiquette.

03.05.13 - WINTER
It's not really winter, since this is Portland, but it seems unfair to call it Spring already. Last week I finished the soundtrack to the documentary W.L. Dow, Architect. Soundtrack link available soon. The film will have an initial run in Sioux Falls, SD and then play on PBS for several months. I just completed a few short spots with FGA for SXSW. We didn't use any chickens this year, but there is a jackalope involved. Watch your back. I'm also starting a project with local studio Softbox and working on some promo material for Showtime's new documentary division.

09.25.12 - FALL
This summer was busy enough with music for commercials for Audi and HBO-Go both through Stimmung. This week I'll be finishing up some audio branding for Common Sense Media in SF. I also partnered with Jess3 to create sound design for their latest video for Mindjet. The dance piece The Thank-you Bar that I toured with for the last several years is up for a Bessie award. And I'm still going strong with the cello lessons. Vivaldi's cello concerto in Eb Major is currently on deck.

05.15.12 - CARGO
Hatfarm got a new set of duds last week and thanks to Cargo the whole process was a dream. A slightly long dream that did, in fact, involve a bit of actual work, but far far from being a nightmare: which are the bad kinds of dreams. In other news, I am working again with Cue in Minneapolis and Bran Doughtery-Johnson for a few short videos for Element as well as making some demos for SearchParty in New York. In a few weeks, I will be finishing the sound design for the Word as Image book with Ji Lee, which will then become an e-book for the iPad. At the end of the month, I will also start in on the music for a documentary about architect Wallace Dow. He was a midwestern architect in the late 1800's and was known as the "Builder on the Prairie"

12.07.11 - WINTER
The last few months have zipped right along with lots to do. Finished a few projects for Showtime and Smithsonian, as well as a holiday spot for IFC. Actual jingle bells were involved. In November, I was in New York for a week performing The Thank You Bar at NewYorkLiveArts in Chelsea. The fine folks at the New York Times had a little something to say about it here. James and I also performed as BLACKFISH while we were there and hopefully we will be releasing that concert as the final installment of our live recording series. I also completed a soundtrack for a film called The Stronger by Gabrielle Lansner. You can learn more about the film, and the work Gabrielle does on her website and you can hear the full ten-minute score here.

10.05.11 - BLACKFISH
James Everest and I will be releasing a limited edition, letter-pressed, 9-CD collection of some of our improvised concerts recorded over the past few years. These concerts were recorded while on tour across the USA with choreograhpher Emily Johnson/Catalyst'’s The Thank-you Bar. CD packages were designed by Scott Ponik and pressed here in Portland by EMprint. You can watch BLACKFISH concert videos on the Catalyst vimeo page or go to our Bandcamp site to download individual tracks and entire albums.

My latest solo record Motel Chronicles is now available at iTunes and the Amazon mp3 store. You can purchase vinyl at Insound or if you live in Portland you can stop by Music Millennium, Mississippi Records, or Nationale.

05.04.11 - HBO
Much going on in the last several months. In addition to trips to San Francisco and Houston for The Thank-you Bar, I wrote a whole batch of music for an HBO rebranding package. I also worked with Jess3 on the MTV O Music Awards which airs April 28th.

02.01.11 - WINTER
I’ve posted a few new pieces for IFC, Showtime, and Smithsonian that wrapped up in 2010. Adolescent in NYC and I just completed our first project together for Cars.com. This month I’m working on projects with JESS3 and Bran Doughtery Johnson. The Thank-you Bar is on it’s way to Florida in March AND…I am weeks away from a giant pile of vinyl at my door. Motel Chronicles is almost Complete. Erika Records is pressing a run of 200 LP’s. Time to sort out a record release party.

10.19.10 - CHICAGO
It has been a busy few months performing with The Thank-you Bar. We performed 15 shows in Portland as part of the TBA festival, and we just finished a week long run at Columbia College Dance Center in Chicago. Up next is Minneapolis. Details here. In other work, I am busy with Showtime and Smithsonian as well as wrapping up a project for Jess3.

4.30.10 - IFC
Just finishing up a rebrand for the Independent Film Channel (IFC) with Feel Good Anyway. Quite a lot of work. I'll be posting audio and video soon. I also just completed working with Showtime on a teaser ID for their new show The Borgias. The Thank-you Bar has a bit of a break until our Fall show at the TBA festival here in Portland. Following that we hit the Midwest and the East coast.

11.06.09 - FALL
Ok, so I guess I've got a seasonal pattern going here in terms of posting news. Here are a few things I've been up to this fall: Spots for BKV in Atlanta for Snapper Lawnmowers. A sweet little song for Nationwide Insurance. Licensing a few tracks to North for their latest PGE spots. I was also in Alaska for three weeks working with James and Emily on The Thank-you Bar. We had the premiere in Anchorage followed by several shows and then a long weekend of shows in Homer, AK. It was a great trip. Alaska was very lovely and they have more mountains and trees than they know what to do with. Actually thats not entirely true. They do know what to do with them. They just leave them there so people like me can stare at them, drive through them, and walk around in them. I hope to go back and see more at some point. The Thank-you Bar is in Tulsa in the spring and Minneapolis in late summer. There will likely be a few more dates added in the next few months.

6.23.09 - SUMMER
Recent projects inlcude a bouncy little banjo ditty for Equifax. The track has some swell bass clarinet action by Jonathan Sielaff. Also finished music for Bran at GrowDesignWork for the Webbys. Busted out the autoharp for that one. And the ever dapper gentlemen over at FGA made a lovely little film that needed a bit of music. In the next few months I'll be back at work on The Thank You Bar with James and Emily. Blackfish (my duo with JG Everest) will play a CD release party in Minneapolis later this summer.

4.21.09 - SPRING
Working with Spark on ID's for the VIVA network. Just finished an Oregon Lottery spot for TV and Radio with BPN as well as some ID's for Showtime. Also, finally getting some material ready to start playing some shows around town.

2.16.09 - FLORIDA
Just back from a 3 week residency at the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography at FSU in Tallahassee. Continued developing Thank You Bar with Emily and James. Prior to that I wrapped up music for a gallery installation for filmmaker Guilherme Marcondes that opens in LA later this month. Details to come.

12.05.08 - PORTLAND
A lot has happened in the last month, most of which involves relocating to Portland, Oregon. After moving far too many boxes and lifting many times my body weight, Hatfarm is now up and running in a lovely new studio in SE Portland. Although, next week I will be back in Seattle to continue my collaboration with dancer/correographer Emily Johnson and musician JG Everest on a project that is slated to premeire in Alaska in late 2009.

11.03.08 - HOLIDAY
Recently completed a few short Christmas videos for Best Buy with AvenueA in Portland as well as a Halloween spot for Value Village with Digital Kitchen. It seems that I missed the call for the Thanksgiving spots. Don't know why. I've got some great pilgrim music that I'm just dying to bust out. You can make some killer sounds with a cornucopia. If its tuned right.

9.22.08 - FALL
Wrapping up a project for the Smithsonian Network, as well as branding for the ION network with Spark. Also beginning work on a dance project with dancer/choreographer Emily Johnson and musician James Everest.

6.30.08 - UPDATE
I've finally gotten around to updating my WORK page with several new videos that contain some of the many pieces of music I've made for Showtime in the last few months as well as a handful of odds and ends in the AUDIO column.

5.22.08 - MICROSOFT
Spending the next few months working with AvenueA-Razorfish on a project for Microsoft.

4.05.08 - SHOWTIME
New audio for one of several new Showtime station ID's. More to come in the next few weeks.

3.13.08 - MERCEDES
For the past several weeks I've worked with Happy Corp. in NYC creating music for the Mercedes-AMG website. I'll be posting videos soon. I am also working with both FGA and Spark on ID's for Showtime.

11.13.07 - SMITHSONIAN
Just wrapped up two short station ID's created by Showtime for the new Smithsonian network. A few more to follow in the coming months

9.19.07 - FALL
Busy with FGA creating some short films for Microsoft, as well as more sound design for Nike.

6.24.07 - SUMMER
For the past few months I have been busy writing music for a documentary about language being produced by Tremolo Productions for the Discovery Channel. I'm also wrapping up a spot for Xbox with Seattle design studio B&G and music for Polo.

4.6.07 - NIKE
Working on some audio for Nike to use at an in-store for the Boston Marathon.